Current Commission Status:

Heads: Require the measurement around your forehead.

Hands: No need to buy a pair, but head to your local wal-mart and try on a pair of mechanic gloves. Let me know what size fits you the best. As an alternative, grab a medical glove and make a duct dape dummy of your hand. Make sure to wrap each finger individually. This will allow me to make a glove that fits you perfectly. Don't forget to tape your hand up the same way you want your handpaws to be if they aren't 5-fingered!

Feet: Show feet (furry on the bottom) and parade feet (durable mat on the bottom) are available. Both styles are built over comfortable sneakers. Your shoe size in US men/women's is required.

Bodysuit: Zippers can be placed in the front or back of the suit, though the front is recommended. At this time I'm not offerring digitigrade suits simply because I've never made one before. If you don't mind being a guinea pig, the first 2 digi-suits will only be charged the plantigrade price. Duct tape dummy is required for all bodysuits, no exceptions. Please check out MixedCandy's DTD tutorial at

Tails: May be carved out of foam or stuffed with polyfil, depending on the design. All tails will have sturdy loops made out of a non-elastic material. Attached tails made of carved foam will have a hidden zipper for when you need to remove the foam and wash everything.

Claws, Teeth, Whiskers: Will be glued and sewn for extra durability when possible. Whisker colors are limited.


Includes: Head, hands, body, feet, and tail.

Let me know if you'd like your tail to be sewn to the bodysuit. This is recommended for huskies and other stiff-tailed animals. I'm currently working on a design to allow these tails to attach to the body firmly, yet be removed for partial fursuiting and for cleaning.

Prices start at $1500


Body only, for those needing a fresh body or wanting to upgrade an existing partial to a fullsuit.

Prices start at $700


Includes: Head, hands (up to armpit), feet, and tail.

Also available as 3/4 suit.

Prices start at $750 for partials, $900 for 3/4 suits.


Prices vary based on size and complexity.

Small: $30 and up
Medium: $45 and up
Large: $75 and up

Squeaker can be added by request.

Have a question about something I didn't quite cover here? Head on over to my contact form and email me.