About the Creator

Tisket has been involved in some form of costuming and acting since 2002. It all started with acting in a haunted house, and spread to fursuiting in early 2008.

Tisket's first fursuit, and namesake, was originally designed and built for use in a haunted house. The suit has since been retired, but many people still remember seeing the 7 foot tall white wolf. The character will be resurrected with a new version some day.

Since the retirement of the tall white wolf, Moxie, Hiffyfits (made by FurrHappens), and Sakari have appeared.

At the prompting of friends and family, Tisket decided to begin offerring commissions in April 2011. Her primary goal is to offer affordable, quality fursuits and fursuit parts while never having a waiting list  longer than 6 months.